Engravers, artists, people of the world,
Stonographic is a New Zealand company with a passion for producing fine art. Our chosen medium, stone.
Share with us your wish, and we will strive to immortalise it in stone for you to enjoy.
Any project, on any scale is just right for us, give us a call or send us an e-mail.
We look forward to working together on the next masterpiece!

Yours in Stone,

The Team at stonographic

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12:35a.m. 25 August 2009
The website is nearly complete - we just need to upload a lot of images to show you what we have been doing and a few paragraphs about who we are.
02:32a.m. 24 August 2009
We have just finished some great work for the Auckland City Council - you will be able to see it soon at the Chancery.
02:31a.m. 24 August 2009
The new stonographic site is up and running! Lots of content will be coming soon, a beautiful gallery of our work and of course the many ways you can contact us. Hope to hear from you soon.
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